Winchester Beach
  • Beach Use Reminders
  • Beach Rules / Regulations
  • Beach Reservation Guidelines
  • Reservation Request Instructions
WOSA Beach Use Reminders:
The beach and pier area is private property maintained for the use of WoS Association Members and their accompanied guest. If you would like to have a small gathering at the beach, please check the community calendar for available dates. If you want to make a reservation, please use the Reservation form located on the Calendar page.  
Please be considerate of others by keeping the area clean, move all trash items to the dumpster and recyclable items to the recycle cans. DO NOT place trash in the recycle bins.
The gate should be locked at sunset. If you are the last one to leave, lock the gate.
If you see a problem with the beach or something that needs to be fixed please contact
or if you need a sticker for your car, please use the Contact Us page to request a sticker.
WOSA Beach Rules / Regulations
Who can use the Beach: Use of beach facilities is limited to Association MEMBERS, their resident children or family members, and their guests. Children and guests must always be accompanied by an adult MEMBER. (ID Cards are available for nannies/child care providers authorizing them to use the beach during the performance of their duties.) Cards may also be used by guests when a Member is physically unable to accompany.
Safety, Conduct and Clean Up: MEMBERS are responsible for their own, their children’s and their guests’ safety, conduct, and clean up (which includes proper disposal of trash; and storage of toys, chairs, grills and tables to their original/proper location).
Beach Hours: The Beach opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. (Exception: pre- or post-sunset use of the beach is limited to Association scheduled Events or activities supervised by an adult MEMBER of the Association).
Drugs and Alcohol: The use of illegal/illicit drugs as well as underage drinking are strictly prohibited at the Beach at all times.
Animals: Animals are prohibited from the Main Beach, but are welcome at the community “Dog Beach” at the bottom of Severn Drive (please stay on the Community Property).
Fires: Fires are NOT PERMITTED on the beach at any time. All fires must be limited to the grills.
Swimming Risk: No lifeguard is on duty. Swimming is at your own risk. Please ensure all swimming occurs within the area demarcated by the swim buoys, or off the end of the Main Pier.
Parking: Please always consider emergency vehicle access when parking in the Beach lot. Please also consider owner/driveway access if parking along Winchester Beach Drive. This is especially true during Association, special or reserved Events.
Trash: NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH (violators may lose Beach privileges) Please supply your own heavy duty trash bags and dispose of all trash in the dumpster, and all recyclables in the yellow recycling cans.DO NOT PUT TRASH IN YELLOW BINS.
Unlocking/Locking the Gates: The first to arrive after sunrise should unlock and open the gate. The last person to leave at, or before sunset, should close and lock the gate. Further, the boat ramp should always be locked except when in active use.
Beach Reservation Guidelines
The following Beach Reservation guidelines are intended to assist MEMBERS of the Association with the proper procedure to reserve space and resources (tables/grills) and conduct successful Events at the main beach. Our goal is to encourage the use of the beach for Events while ensuring that sufficient space and resources (tables/grills) remain available for any other MEMBERS who may also wish to use the Beach at the same time.
Who can make a reservation? Any MEMBER in good standing may make a reservation. The MEMBER making the reservations is required to attend the entire Event and is responsible for ensuring compliance of our Beach Rules and Reservation Guidelines. (Especially: Safety, Conduct and Clean Up).
MEMBERS are not permitted to reserve or sponsor an Event for non-members.
What type of Event requires a reservation?
o Any Event, for which a MEMBER wishes to reserve, in advance, one or more tables/grills requires a reservation.
o Any pre-planned Event of more than 30 attendees, even if no tables or grills are requested, ALSO requires a reservation. Note: see port-a-potty requirement. This helps alert other MEMBERS who may want to be spontaneous and show up at the Beach, but may decide otherwise if there is already a large Event scheduled.
When and how are reservations made? The following Beach Reservation procedure must be strictly adhered to.
  • Making a reservation: Reservations must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the Event.
  • Weekend Capacity: Group Events are limited to 30 attendees (MEMBERS and /or Guests) for any weekend (from Friday 3 PM until Monday AM). Simultaneous Group Events are discouraged unless the total # of attendees for the combined Events is less than 30.
  • Weekday Capacity: Group Events are limited to a max of 60 attendees (MEMBERS and/or Guests). Note: See port-a-potty requirement.
  • Is there a Fee? No, there is no mandatory Fee; however, voluntary contributions may be made to help defray any incremental expenses borne by the Association. The suggested voluntary contribution is $1 per attendee.
  • Extra Port-a-Potty and Extra Cleanings:
    • Any single Event or combination of Events with more than 30 attendees at one time must arrange for an additional post-event port-a-potty CLEANING.
    • Any single Event or combination of Events with more than 60 attendees at one time must arrange for an ADDITIONAL port-a-potty ONSITE. Our port-a-potty vendor is GoTuGo (410) 360-1215
    • Event organizer(s) are encouraged to coordinate and share the expense. Remember that Friday-Sunday port-a-potty delivery is more expensive, so plan ahead. 
  • Holidays/Special Days: The Beach may not be reserved on Holiday weekends (including Holiday Mondays) or on other special days e.g., Independence Day or Navy Graduation day(s) during which the Blue Angels are flying.
Other requirements:
  • At least 2 picnic tables (including 1 under the pavilion) and one grill must be left unused for use of other community MEMBERS.
  • Chairs, picnic tables, grills and toys must be returned to original location at the close of the Event.
  • Event organizer(s) must supply their own heavy duty trash bags. Trash must be properly disposed of in the dumpster. If the Event(s) cause(s) an overflow, the MEMBER hosting the party must remove excess trash to their residence for pick up.
  • Pavilion must be broom swept at the conclusion of the Event.
Failure to follow guidelines: Failure to adhere to the Beach Rules and/or Reservations Guidelines may result in restriction of Beach Reservation Privileges.
How to make a Reservation Request
  1. Please check the Calendar prior to requesting a reservation to ensure no other reservations / events are scheduled for that time.
  2. Fill out of the form (titled: Beach Pavillion Request) found on the top right corner of the Calendar page, or access it here  ALL FIELDS ARE MANDATORY. Description MUST include the # of attendees.
  3. You'll receive communication back within 48 hours with confirmation or any concerns regarding your request.
Please note: Reservations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be confirmed until a complete form is received. You will receive a reply from the Beach Committee with 48 hours. Please check to ensure your Event has been placed on the Beach Calendar.